Elven Wrapping

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jan 2015

A winter fantasy, wrapped tight in the covers and subjected to a visitor with an agenda. Unwrap her? No, this is about wrapping you.

Tuck yourself in bed on a cold night, with the blankets right around you, then listen to this.
This is a body file, use it with your favorite induction. It is otherwise loopable and ends with a phrase that leads well into the start of this file so you can put it on repeat post-induction or put multiple copies in a row on a playlist.

Someone joins you in bed for a Christmas surprise. Special bonus for those who have a choker to wear afterward. File is made with those with vaginas and breasts in mind. A file for those with penises will be coming out after the holidays (Elven Unwrapping). About 20 minutes long, very tantalizing, you'll probably wanna get off afterward, maybe with a partner~ Hope people like it. A bonus little bit of conditioning is included for those who own festive chokers and similar neckwear, by the way.
Happy holidays!

Playlist order: Any Induction + This file

Related Categories: Fantasy • Sexual

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