Latex Attachment - Sleeve

by eSuccubus
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Release: Jul 2018
Length: 10 minutes

An addition to the Latex Pool series of latex suit/sci of themed sexual servitude and drone files.

Useful if you have a dominant to trigger it. A simple finger snap and the commands "on" or "off" activate a stimulating cock sleeve affixed within your latex suit, with a few hypnotic enhancements. Nice if they have a real vibe with a remote, but the whole sci fi theme from the previous two Latex Pool files tie into this one. Off, you might not even feel your cock.

If it's on, that's the only thing you'll be thinking about.

Runs you through some HFO themed encouragement, but you can jerk off if you're not quite there yet.

Goes really good with the Latex Anticipation and Masturbation Induction in front of it on your playlist.

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