Trans Listener Bridge For Men

by eSuccubus
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Release: Apr 2016
Length: 14:13

For listeners whose body image does not match their anatomical configuration.
Originally made for a trans listener who wanted to feel more comfy with penis-referent files.
While it is impossible to capture the vast spectrum of body-comfort and genital-comfort situations, this hopefully is useful to some listeners.

Regardless of body configuration, this deepener file reminds the listener to consider anatomical referents to refer to the body they have currently.

Put between the induction and the file which makes specific penis or balls reference.
General body-falling-away language, good for transformation themed files too.
Version exists for trans listeners who want to listen to vagina-referent files but are uncomfortable with their current anatomy.

Playlist order: Any Induction + This file + Any body file with anatomical reference

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