Resistance to Ruin 2 - Trending Toward Ruin

by eSuccubus
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Release: Apr 2019
Length: 21 minutes

A sequel to Resistance to Ruin.

You are training yourself to ruin each and every orgasm. Each time the ruined orgasm is more psychologically satisfying, despite the masochistic desperate clawing for relief and release that you feel.

Training to ruin each orgasm, see all your ruining training as self reinforcing, and to accept your new fate, new state, new arousal at the idea of ruination each time your cock spurts for merely a moment.

Also includes the suggestion that when you orgasm it will drive you into trance, and your heavy weak limbs in that moment will be unable to keep stroking and therefore only able to deliver a ruined orgasm anyway.

Includes encouragement to masturbate during and to ruin one for me.

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