Absorb Amethyst

by Mistress Amethyst
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Release: 2015
Length: 29 minutes

Absorb Amethyst is a non-erotic title to assist with stress reduction.

I wonder if you were aware that Amethyst, the crystal, is thought of as the stone that promotes a state of peacefulness. It is a meditative and calming stone which works on the emotional, spiritual, and physical energies to provide balance, patience, peace and a state of calmness.

In this file, I will program your mind so that you can give yourself the Absorb Amethyst trigger.

Your subconscious mind responds easily and automatically to this signal. It will help you to melt away the fears & worries. It will assist you by dissolving the pressure and strain and by evaporating any tension and tightness in your body. Any and all negative emotions or sensations will fade out and you will be left with a calm, clear, peaceful mind, a relaxed, calm body, and a gentle, calm, spirit. Yes, that’s right. Your mind, body, and spirit will Absorb Amethyst, that soothing sensation of calmness.

Features: 29 Minutes; Non-erotic hypnosis; Induction with 10-1 countdown; Trigger programming; Triple voice reinforcement programming

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