SLIP Into Complete Surrender

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 44 minutes

Erotic hypnosis for Complete Surrender. There are no thoughts – Only my words & you finally experience the surrender that you’ve been craving. 44 Min MP3

Everything that you have done up to this point, even before you met me, was to prepare you for Complete Surrender.  This is the state where you surrender yourself completely, and for the duration of this file, you can float in a sea of bliss while your mind empties itself.  In this state, there are no thoughts – Only my words – And you finally experience the surrender that you’ve been craving.

Deep inside, there is an internal voice giving you permission to surrender to those submissive urges.  A feeling of safely washes over you, knowing that with me, your Mistress Amethyst, you can truly let go and explore this side of you.

You have come to me in your perfect time.  All the training you have had before me, has led you right here – To this perfect moment

I want you to be submissive

I want you to speak submissively

I want you to take the submissive role sexually

And I want you to surrender to your submissive nature!

The physical self disappears

Only my words & the sound of my voice remain

For best results, please listen to my FREE file:  SLIP Into Mindlessness

Features: Long, slow induction, SLIP Trigger, multi voice track programming.  No count up at the end.

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