Deep Inner Space

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 43 minutes
Non Erotic

Non-Erotic hypnosis, guiding you to the deepest levels of your Inner Space. Entering int a deep trance is beneficial in so any ways. Your stress levels go down, your body functions more effectively, your sleep improves, self esteem improves, and more. These are all just natural side effects of deep trance.

In Deep Inner Space, you will be given a trigger word for Deep Trance, along with several deepening and confusion techniques. Blissful peace settles over your mind and body as you drift away. It feels so good to just drift away… easily slipping into a quiet bliss.

This will be a long recording, so get ready to lay back and drift deep inside your mind, where you will find complete peace. Enjoy!

Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation, sections with bilateral & echo voice effects, and guided relaxation and hypnotic programming from Amethyst

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