Sissy Boy Loop

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 15 minutes
Feminization Loop

Erotic Femdom and feminization hypnosis to turn you into a Sissy Boy for Mistress Amethyst. Wear silky panties, stockings & all those things that make you a good Sissy Boy.

With a little bit of conversational hypnosis mixed with programming, you begin to feel a certain sexual excitement by becoming my Sissy Boy. It’s something that turns you on. You love to wear sheer, silky panties for me… stockings across your smooth, soft skin… shiny gloss on your lips… and all those things that make you feel like a good Sissy Boy. Let your mind go, and feel your sexuality transform.

Hit play / repeat, lay back, and get ready to have your sexuality controlled by Mistress Amethyst.

Please Note: Loops are meant to be played on repeat over & over, OR as an addition to a full length recording, so there is not a formal induction. There will be conversational hypnosis with a secondary voice track with relaxation instructions; Theta brainwaves;

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