SLIP Into A Blank Slate

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 33 minutes

A FemDom Hypnosis MP3 that deprograms old hypnosis triggers from the past. Your mind is cleared away so that Mistress Amethyst can control you deeper.

FemDom Deprogramming Hypnosis

I have received countless requests for a file to help deprogram previous hypnotic programming received from other hypnotists.  It's a very tricky topic, and need to be approached with a lot of care and respect.  I have a great belief that everything from your past helps create the person that you are today.  That is the inspiration behind this file.

I have created this file because you are ready to commit yourself to me completely.  You've been on a long hypnosis path, and it's been a good one.  You've learned so much, but you have reached your destination with me, your Mistress Amethyst.  You want to clean your mind of any prior triggers that you've been given so that there will be no interruptions, no distractions in the work that you will do with me.  And of course, you want to give me a blank slate to work with, don't you?  Yes!

This file will help you achieve that.  With tremendous love and respect, the old triggers will be cleaned away, and your mind will be shiny and clean for me, so that I can work incredible magic with you.

The only commands that remain, are the ones programmed by Mistress Amethyst.  Previous hypnotic triggers are erased and have no effect on you.  Now that your mind is clean, my commands will work more powerfully than ever before.

It feels sooo good to give yourself to me completely.  You've arrived right where you need to be, and the pleasure just feels better and better.  This is the right place for you.  Nothing has ever felt so beautiful and erotic all at the same time. You belong to me, my darling boy.  I am in your every thought, and your every action.  I love your blank slate mind and I plan on filling it with lots of sexy programming.

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SLIP Trigger
Induction includes reference to laying in bed
10-1 Countdown
Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
Delta brainwave tones
Cum Command:  No
Count up at the end.
33 Minutes

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