Deviant Whispers - 3D

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 38 minutes

This erotic 3D hypnosis MP3 will guide you into a Tease & Denial JOI. Feel my whispers right in your ear! ASMR, Femdom fetish, guided blue ball masturbation

In this erotic 3D hypnosis, my Deviant Whispers are going to create an empty mind and a horny body. This file is perfect for those who love that ASMR whisper effect that leads to brain tingles and for those who love to be teased, then denied.

Normally when someone whispers, it’s soft, soothing, comforting, and sweet. Not these whispers, slave! These whispers enslave your mind and control your body. These whispers aren’t normal – they would be considered deviant!

Lay back, close your eyes, and listen as I whisper you into a deep state of hypnotic trance, from one ear to the other. In this erotic state of hypnotic sleep, my words become your thoughts and control your body. When my whispers dance within your mind, it just happens automatically – you get so very hard for me.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to become my stroke slave? Where you surrender your stroking over to my control?

You need to be controlled. You will stroke when I say so, and you will stop when I command it. You may not even realize it yet, but you are my very obedient stroke slave and you stroke for my enjoyment.

You are the very lucky recipient of my deviant whispers. They arouse you beyond description and then leave you hurting with swollen, aching, full balls. Ahhh yes, the infamous blue balls that you know so well, yet, you want more of this whispered torture, don’t you, slave? Yes! What is it about being aroused and then denied that makes you want to come back for more? And of course you will be begging and pleading for more, isn’t that right? Yes!

Features: Single track hypnosis, 3D Binaural recording, ASMR Whisper effect; JOI, Tease & Denial, blue balls fetish

3D Binaural Sound Info: It’s going to feel like I’m right there with you, whispering in your ear, and some degree of movement. It’s binaural, so the degree of movement is mostly left / right, but it is possible to sense a distance when I move further away from the mic. Due to the extra work & expense involved, these 3D titles will be $1 per minute. Enjoy!

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