SLIP Into Christmas Bliss

by Mistress Amethyst
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Release: 2016
Length: 33 minutes

SLIP Into Christmas Bliss
Christmas themed FemDom hypnosis featuring fractionation and the SLIP Trigger to guide you up and then Deep down. ASMR whisper track to brainwash you

Taking you up, then commanding you to SLIP back down.

Come rest under my Christmas tree, my pet, as I play with your eager mind. I love when my boys obey, regardless of what I ask of them.

I’m in the mood to play, so I’m going to take you up, then trigger you back down, deep down. And for a little extra heat, I will trigger arousal with erotic countdown triggers.

Get ready to experience erotic, hypnosis bliss.

For Best results, listen to my FREE file: SLIP Into Mindlessness

Multi voice track / Layered voice tracks / Whisper ASMR track
Includes fractionation, Slip trigger, and countdowns
Delta brainwave technology
Audience: Submissive male
Cum Command: No
Count Up at the end

Categories: Deep Trance MP3's, FREE, Personalize -- Full Length, Seasonal, SLIP Trigger, FemDom Hypnosis
Tags: ASMR, christmas, fractionation, JOI, SLIP Trigger, whispers

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