Pantyboy Masturbatrix

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 32 minutes

In this erotic fantasy hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst knows your Pantyboy secret. She teaches you how to masturbate properly wearing her silky lavender panties

You arrive at Mistress Amethyst’s Domain for a visit. Soon after your arrival, She is looking deep within your eyes and discovering all of your hidden secrets through Her highly skilled mind reading. You can’t hide it anymore! You are a compulsive masturbator, and you have a fascination for women’s panties. Your secret is now out.

She leads you to Her bedroom, where She will teach you the proper way to masturbate: Under Her control as your Masturbatrix. After being hypnotized, She will guide you through proper stroking techniques. Once your instruction is complete, She will pull out a special pair of lavender panties and thigh high stockings for you to wear.

Now it’s time to show your Masturbatrix what you’ve learned, and to demonstrate your new masturbation skill…. all while wearing Her sexy lavender panties.
It will be quite an euphoric experience. Previously, you masturbated for your pleasure. Now, you are masturbating to honor your new Masturbatrix, and the sensations are so much more profound. You know you’ll be coming back again and again for further instructions.

Features: Panty Fetish, Masturbation Lessons & Control, Brainwave technology for deep trance

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