Good Boy

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 16 minutes
Arousal Loop

I want you……. to be my Good Boy…… and I know that you want this too!

When you please me and I respond with “Goooooooood Booooooy”, it takes ahold of you as if a virtual cock and ball leash has been delicately fastened to you. With each response of Good Boy, you may feel my tug exciting you, where your sense of desperation becomes overwhelming. The ache in your throbbing flesh pulses so strongly, making that cock twitch with arousal. You need to hear me respond to you with “Goooood Boooooy”. You need it so bad!

Whether I type the words, or say the words, “Good Boy”, an overwhelming sexual delight will tingle through your mind as well as body. You may even experience that light tingling sensation through your brain as if a brain-gasm is taking place. Oh how I want you to be such a Good Boy for me. It’s so simple; all you have to do is please me.

And just imagine how powerful it would be to have me whispering your name as I taunt and tease your little mind with a whispered “Goooooooood Booooooooy”. Oh, you would love that!

Features: double voice track hypnotic loop, programming to elicit an aroused response to the words “Good Boy”, as well as programming for what pleases me..

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