Slip Into Feminization – Dressed To Serve

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 23 minutes
Feminization Loop

Slip into a mindless state of erotic trance, while I program your mind to crave feminization.

By using the SLIP trigger, you will be mindless and ready to begin absorbing these powerful suggestions for feminization.  This is a long loop, and covers many aspects of erotic feminization, with the goal of dressing to serve me.

You will crave the feeling of silky garments against your skin.  You’ll find yourself putting them on slowly so that you can savor the sensation of the soft fabric gliding across your skin.  You’ll feel compelled to complete the look with make up, lipstick, sexy shoes and pretty hair.

The more complete the transformation, the more sensitive your flesh becomes.  The more complete the transformation, the more aroused you are.

You love to be feminized for the pleasure of Mistress Amethyst.

Before listening to this audio, please listen to my FREE MP3, Slip Into Mindlessness, so that the SLIP trigger can be deeply programmed within your mind.  The Slip trigger primes your mind so that any hypnotic programming that I give to you, will become deeply absorbed.

Features: 10-1 countdown, triple voice tracks, SLIP trigger, programming file for feminization.
Feminization hypnosis;  Erotic Hypnosis;  Femdom hypnosis;

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