Amethyst Kisses

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 48 minutes

#2 Best Seller – Erotic Femdom fantasy hypnosis with a seductive flare. Amethyst breaks into your home to find you in bed. Her kisses drive you wild and by the time her lips touch that cock, you are hers completely.

You must have been a very good boy lately, because Mistress Amethyst has broken into your home for a special, intimate treat. She shows up, standing in the doorway of your bedroom in the middle of a rain storm. She climbs onto your bed, and seductively hypnotizes you.

Once under her spell, she intensifies your bond with gentle tender kisses. Every kiss binds you to her. Every kiss, rendering you weaker and weaker.

She will run her hands up and down your body, playing with your cock, balls, and taint. And then your fantasy comes true… Amethyst performs intimate kisses on that horny cock until she drains you of your seed.

Features: Deep brainwave technology, guided relaxation, Mind Control, from Amethyst.

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