Amethyst Mist

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 35 minutes

Release unwanted emotions and have a stress reduction trigger programmed. Most requested session in Mistress Amethyst’s clinical days.

Many of You know that I was a clinical hypnotherpist working in an office environment for several years. This was a session that I would always give my clients, no matter what reason they were coming to see me, and they LOVED it! They always received their sessions on a cassette, made right there in the office for them. My clients would always come back to report that this was the cassette that they listened to the most. It was my “signature” recording.

Amethyst Mist will guide you through a releasing process, where you will be cleansed of 29 unwanted emotions. You will then be surrounded by a protective shield and given a trigger word for Peace and Calm, which you can give yourself at any time.

Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation, sections with bilateral effects, Trigger word for Peace & Calm, guided relaxation and hypnotic programming from Amethyst

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