Trance Within A Trance

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 38 minutes
Non Erotic

Explore the uncharted depths of your mind

I was inspired to create this file after my own hypnosis experiences from years ago. They are the type of experiences that you never forget and hope to achieve over and over. My co-workers and I, at the hypnosis clinic, used to experiment with depth of trance. One time, I fell so deep in trance that something wonderful opened up inside of my mind. It was full of color and filled with intense peace. Bliss is the only word I can think of as a description.

In Trance Within A Trance, I will be your guide into that deep, layered state.

After a long, soothing induction, I let you rest in a state of trance with deepening brainwashing tracks repeating over and over. Then, I will guide you deeper down and introduce you to the Trance Within A Trance, which has been there all along.

Deep down, at the bottom of trance, there is a crack, which reveals the colors of the underlying trance waiting for you. Once you slip through, a Universe opens up with twinkling colors that glisten around you and a violet colored beam of light, which can soothe and heal you.

In this cosmic realm, feel free to float here, and enjoy the effects. As you slowly return back into your waking state, nothing but balance and harmony remain.


Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
Themes: Deep trance; balance & harmony; internal cosmic universe
Tone: Soft and whispery
Delta brainwave technology
Count Up at the end: No
Humiliation: No
Goddess / Amethyst Worship: No
Erotic Content: No
36 Minutes of voice – 38 Minutes total MP3

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