DEEP Down Into Lust

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 39 minutes
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This femdom hypnosis session will train your mind and body to respond to an erotic word: LUST!

I bet you’re the type who loves to surrender to a dominant woman so that she can control your arousal. That’s why I’m here too. I love taking my years of hypnotherapy experience and reshaping them into hypnotic domination over an eager pet’s mind and body. I love to take control in whatever way I see fit.

Today, I’m going to fill you with LUST and make you highly suggestible to that word so that I can use it as a trigger in the future. I’m looking forward to dominating you like this and I know you are open and willing.

PLEASE NOTE: Thank you for all you to do promote my hypnosis. As a reward, each time that I reach a certain weekly sales goal, I will create another FREE session. Please keep an eye on my twitter account @Amethyst_Hypno as well as the FREE HYPNOSIS page for the current status.

Secondary ASMR/Whisper background tracks carefully written & performed
Delta Brainwaves: Yes
Gender Specific: No
Triggers Used: DEEP, Down, and Fade Out
Mistress Amethyst worship commands: Not really – being submissive to me, yes.
Amnesia Suggestions: No
Fractionation: No
Financial Domination: No
Humiliation: No
Cum Command: No
Suggestions to buy more from Mistress Amethyst: No
Count Up at the end: Awakening command, but not specifically by counting.
Themes: Femdom hypnosis; trigger hypnosis, submissive training, deep trance

Categories: Deep Trance MP3's, FREE, Personalize -- Full Length, Submissive Training, FemDom Hypnosis
Tags: brainwash, Brainwashing, Deep, down, fade out, free, lust, trigger

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