Mind Lab - Stepford Husband

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 36 minutes

Alternate ending series

Brainwashed To Be Mindlessly Obedient To Your Wife

Who would have ever thought that a chance encounter on the street near my office, would change you forever? Certainly not you!

We find each other, quite by chance, and I work my power on you before we even make it to my office. You probably didn’t even realize that I had you deep in trance and under my spell – it probably just felt like a normal conversation to you.

Soon, however, I have you strapped into a brainwashing cap and hooked up to a machine, which will turn you into a mindless, obedient servant to your wife.

Mmmm I love brainwashing you!! Be prepared to clean, serve, and obey without a thought or hesitation.


This is an alternate ending file, which means that the induction and set up to the brainwashing is exactly the same in every Mind Lab file. When you download this title, you will receive a pdf with a coupon code for 40% Off your next purchase of any additional Mind Lab title. Please read the coupon pdf carefully.

Also, this title is not available for personalization.


Alternate ending – Induction is the same in all Mind Lab series
No secondary track
Covert style induction with fantasy components
Themes: wife worship, good husband, husband training, mindless obedience
During the brainwashing portion, there is a left/right delta brainwave tone
Brainwashing portion contains multi layered voice and left/right voice tracks
Tone: Covert
Delta brainwave technology
Count Up at the end: Yes
Humiliation: No
36 Minutes

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