Milk & Honey 2

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 43 minutes

A FemDom Hypnosis MP3 using triggers and focuses on breast and pussy worship.  Milk & Honey sends you deep down into erotic trance.  Lactation fetish

Drop DEEP DOWN into FemDom hypno breast & pussy worship

The sequel to Milk & Honey is here!

I cherish your loyalty and your submission to me!  You prove yourself to me every time that you surrender and sink down into my voice.  Last time, you surrendered your mind in the hopes of becoming my most cherished plaything.  In that process, I programmed your mind with a very special trigger:  "Deep".

Now, you are back to savor my sweet Milk & Honey, and t's time, once again, to surrender yourself to me.  It's so blissfully easy to obey my words and drop deep into trance.  This time, I have a companion trigger to give you:  "Down".

I know you're thirsty for my domination and I know that you crave my milk.  You need to drink me down and you need to drink deep.  Drinking from both my breasts binds you twice as deep and every sweet drop of my milk sends you down into complete submission.

I will guide your head down between my legs, where you will taste my intoxicating honey.  You must be a good slave and make me cum with your talented tongue.  As you fuck me with your tongue, you will feel my sweet orgasm burst into your mouth.  Drink me down, boy.  Swallow me deep, down.

Mmmm, you're such a good boy!  Now it's time to stroke yourself, but make sure you follow my instructions.


Induction - Very shortened version of "Deep Down Loop"
Triggers:  Deep;  Down
10-1 Countdown
Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
No count up at the end.
Cum Command:  Yes - Post Hypnotic JOI Command
Erotic Content:  Yes
43 Minutes

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