DEEP Down Into... Silky Slavery

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 22 minutes

Mix & Match Series

Use this hypnosis MP3 to pair or stack with other titles in my Mix & Match Category.

This file has been carefully written and performed so that it will pair beautifully with other titles in my Mix & Match Series.

In Silky Slavery, sink into hypnotic brainwashing causing you to become obsessed with wearing silky fabrics against your skin.

My voice and hypnotic programming cause you to obsessively run your hands up and down your body when you’re wearing slips, bras, panties, stockings, lingerie (etc). Your cravings are so overwhelming that you are enslaved to them. Surrender to your desires, my pet! Surrender to the enslavement.

For best results, listen to the trigger training file DEEP Down Loop (26 Min training audio – Reg: $8) and pair this file with one of my Deep Down Into… inductions.


Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
Left / Right Whispery Secondary track w/ ASMR effects
Delta Brainwaves
Multi-layered brainwashing
Audience: Male or Female
Humiliation: No
Mistress Amethyst Worship Verbiage: No
Count Up at the end: No
22 Minutes

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