Eruption Level 2 - Hand Possession

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 29 minutes

In this Eruption, Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Training Hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst will possess your hand to masturbate you & trigger your orgasm upon command

Level 2 – I know you’ve been dreaming about becoming possessed by Me… well, now is your chance.

I drop you into a deep, sexy trance. From there, I slip My hand inside of yours, and guide you to stroke exactly the way that I want you to be stroked. Be prepared to want Me to activate the trigger… want is a weak word. Holy Hell… you’re going to be BEGGING!!

I’m turning you into My little cum puppet, and you love it!

Features: Subliminal Eruption programming, JOI, Eruption trigger training for Hands Free Orgasm, soft 2nd voice track;


Level 2 – After you have listened to the Level 1 training audio (preferably more than once), you can begin the Level 2 training.

Each Level 2 recording will include a JOI with the Eruption trigger given in order to bring on your orgasm. Work on your timing – get really good at having your orgasm when I give the trigger.

Then when you’ve mastered timing your orgasm with the trigger, begin to use lighter and lighter touch, until you are able to achieve a Hands Free Orgasm.

Once a Hands Free Orgasm has been accomplished, you are now ready to move on to Level 3, or you may continue to listen to other Level 2

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