Bubble Brain

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 30 minutes

In this hypno mental escape, Mistress Amethyst blows away the bubbles of thoughts within your mind. Experience mindlessness, stress reduction, peace. FemDom

What if... I could take each bubble of thought... and blow it far.... far away......

This is the mental escape into mindlessness that you've been craving!

Your day is filled with so much thinking - so many decisions to make - so much noise & mental clutter, that it's time to take a mental break from it all.

Come and rest your mind in the soothing embrace of my voice.  I will guide you into a beautiful state of trance, and blow away the bubbles of thoughts within your mind.  One by one, they will float up and away from you, from the mere breath from my voice.

Deeper & deeper down you will fall into mindless bliss.  Your mind is peacefully blank, yet your body is filled with waves of pleasure. This is exactly what you've been craving.


Induction includes eye open/closure fractionation, 10-1 countdown in secondary track
Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
Deep delta brainwaves
Audience:  Male;  General hypnotic interest
No count up at the end
Cum Command:  No
JOI:  No
30 Minutes

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