Moaning Medic

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 47 minutes

When this horny medic starts moaning, you just might combust.

Erotic hypnotic fantasy for those who love the sound of horny moans.

You find yourself bound to a chair in a nurse’s office.  A sexy nurse walks in and she hops up onto the counter.  your mouth parts open and you began to pant in anticipation as she takes her bra off and releases her beautiful breasts. Her large, round breasts and firm…… youthful…. And perky…..are so firm and perky.

You’re strapped to the chair with your cock raging with desire as you watch this luscious nurse rubbing herself with a piece of cold, dripping ice, as if you don’t even exist.  You watch helpless, and listening to her moan.  Her moans make you even harder and more aroused.  You feel as if you’re going to burst.

Finally, she acknowledges you and has you worship her large round breasts before she uses you as her personal dildo.

Features:  10-1 countdown, fantasy hypnosis, nurse fetish, breast worship, light BDSM, some aspects of tease & denial, moaning, intercourse.  Erotic fantasy hypnosis by Amethyst of;  Copyright 2014

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