by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 32 minutes
Femdom BW

Powerless is a deep FemDom hypnotic MP3. Surrender to the hypnotic spell that I will have over you, leaving you weak, submissive, aroused, & eager to serve.

My voice slips into your mind & renders you Powerless

Powerless is a deep programming file. Lay back, close your eyes, and surrender to the hypnotic spell that I will have over you.

This file will leave you feeling weak, submissive, aroused, and eager to serve.

If you’re a fan of Obedient Mind, you’ll LOVE this file. It has the same style, with the left/right call/answer style, but with a very powerful whisper track. This MP3 will pound your brain into erotic oblivion!


Induction: About 16 minutes, using metaphors & a background whisper track
Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks / Whisper ASMR track
Delta brainwave technology
Audience: Submissive male
Cum Command: No
Count Up at the end
32 Minutes
HIGHLY RECOMMEND PERSONALIZATION: The personalized version will contain extra whispers, which the public file will not contain!

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