Insatiable Submission

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 38 minutes

You want more… need more… MUST drop deeper into Insatiable Submission!

I guide you into a deep state of erotic hypnosis by replicating my own hypnotic experiences.  Once I have you right where I want you, I begin to use layered voice programming to build your desire to submit further, to surrender deeper, and by building that unquenchable thirst that only my trance can provide.

Layer after layer, penetrating your mind deeper and deeper with my words, my hypnotic voice, and my power to control you. Hypnotically bound to my voice, you are so completely consumed by the need for that feeling of submission.  Yes, that’s right my boy, you are now possessed by Insatiable Submission.

Features:  10-1 Countdowns, Double & Triple Voice layering, hypnotic programming.

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