Amethyst Addiction

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 38 minutes

Sink deep under the spell of Amethyst, as she programs you to become addicted to her voice. You find her voice so seductive, so arousing, so deliciously addictive!

You will be given a special trigger, which will cause you to not only go deep under her control, but to also to bring about erotic sensations.

Once under her trance, you will receive special Mind Melting programming to feel weak, aroused, and addicted to her voice.

you want to obey!

you need more and more of Amethyst’s voice

Her voice turns you on

your submissive mind aches to serve someone such as Mistress Amethyst

Obedience to Mistress Amethyst

feels soooooo good!

Features: Mind Control, Trigger for Deep Relaxation & Addiction to Amethyst, Brainwave technology for deep trance

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