Wrapped With Care

by Mistress Amethyst
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Release: 2014
Length: 38 minutes

To my good boys

From your Mistress Amethyst

This is my gift to you!

Come and sit with me under the glistening Christmas tree.  Once you look up at the mesmerizing lights, you can’t help but begin to relax.  A long, slow, deep induction, guided by my voice, leads you so very deep into hypnotic confusion.  You are laying there, under the tree, surrounded by beautifully wrapped gifts, and you begin to feel as if you are also a gift.   Christmas gifts are under the tree…… you are under the tree…. feeling so mindless… and your body feels like a box…. therefore, you must also be a gift.  Yes….. you must be a gift…. that’s exactly what you are.  But where is your ribbon?  Gifts should be wrapped with care, shouldn’t they?  Yes!

***There are no suggestions to worship me & only me etc.  It’s just a fun little hypnosis trance.  Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE:  This recording is not quite “mainstream”, but it’s one of my more vanilla topics.  For more of my erotic topic, please browse through the other categories on my website.

Features:  Long, slow induction, fractionation, single voice track for the induction, hypnotic confusion, body transformation, triple voice track for the programming section, post hypnotic suggestion, gender specific for men

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