Obedient Physique

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 32 minutes

Your Mistress has very high standard on the subs that she keeps in Her company. She likes for her boys to be lean, tone, healthy, who make proper eating choices, and who groom their body according to Her desires.

In order to achieve what She desires, you will be taken into a deep level hypnosis, where your mind will be programmed to eat fresh, alive, and vibrant foods. You will be hypnotized to eat only when you are truly physically hungry, and to be diligent in your efforts to please your Mistress. When She’s done with you, you will find healthy salads sexy, fresh fruit and vegetables will be the foods that You crave, and you’ll drink lots of water. You must obey your Mistress!

Features: Mind Control, Subliminal messages for eating healthy, Brainwave technology for deep trance

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