Taken By Shemales

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 35 minutes

You crave to be taken by shemales!

Sink deep into this highly erotic fantasy hypnosis file.

You have come to me for therapy, but I’ve been training you to crave shemales! Once I have you deep into trance, I invite my lovely friends, Carla & Suzy into the room. You are spread open and ready to be taken!

There are a few uses of the word “sissy”, but even non-sissies will enjoy this one! Grab it, and indulge in this descriptive, erotic fantasy!


Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
A few uses of the word “sissy”
Fantasy descriptions of: anal penetration; spit roasting; blowjobs; cum eating
Count Up at the end: Yes
Humiliation: No
35 Minutes

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I am straight. Don't get me wrong. Women are gorgious. I did see some beautiful hermaphrodite women and it turned me on. These women have an added bonus.
Posted by Larson on Apr 12 2022 reply
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