Drunk on Amethyst

by Mistress Amethyst
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Length: 40 minutes

Femdom hypnosis fantasy where as you listen to Amethyst’s voice, an intoxication washes over you causing you to feel drunk, giddy, & needing more of her voice

Mind drunk on the voice of Amethyst

Legend has it, that the witches of Salem created a mind control concoction disguised as a fine wine. I have discovered this wine, and the power of drunken mind control now resides in my voice.

As you listen to my voice entrance you, an intoxication washes over you, causing you to feel drunk, giddy, and needing more of my voice & the pleasure that it provides. Counting you down over and over into a mind drunk state, where you may experience hiccups from the intoxication.

In the end, you are counted up and out of trance, where the effects of the mind intoxication will wear off on their own…. but leave you wanting more!

Features: Crystal Pendant Induction; Multiple countdowns, Theta brainwaves; gender neutral;

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