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Release: Jun 2019
Length: 19 minutes

Now, means NOW!

Now means reflexive, immediate obedience.

Now means perfect submission to my commands!

Now, becomes the sound of my domination over you. Now triggers you to act immediately upon my desire. Now dominates. Three simple letters put together to form one simple sound and one powerful word.

Now brings your helpless, powerless, weak behaviors to the forefront of your mind NOW.

You are weak for me, and it’s in your core to be weak for me. Now is a firm directive within your mind.

Secondary ASMR/Whisper Track: Yes
Brainwaves: Yes – gradual to 4 Hz
Gender Specific: No
Triggers Used: Now!, subtle use of Deep, Down
Finger Snaps: No
Mistress Amethyst Worship Commands: Yes
Amnesia Suggestions: No
Fractionation: No
Humiliation: No
Cum Command: No
Awakening Command: No
Suggestions To Buy More From Mistress: No
Themes: Femdom, Erotic Hypnosis, Trigger Training, Layered Whispers, Obedience, Submission
Release Date: 6/25/19

Categories: Deep Trance MP3's, FemDom Hypnosis, Personalize -- Loop, Submissive Training
Tags: deep trance, Now, obedience, Submission, submissive, Training, trigger

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