Temple Of The Goddess - Communion

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 40 minutes

Once you drink my Goddess honey nectar at my Temple, you will never be the same.  FemDom fantasy hypnosis for slave training and erotic post hypnotic JOI / masturbation

Vow to be my perfect, mindless slave & drink from my Goddess pussy / cunt

2 Versions for 1 Price!

Come to my Temple under the moonlight and give yourself to me.  Kneel before me and look inside of yourself.  You can be a better slave for your Goddess, isn't that right?  Sink into the bliss of confession as you gaze upon my perfection.

As my naked form looms above you, you may find yourself licking your lips and salivating. This is perfectly natural in the presence of your true Goddess.  Every part of you wants to taste me…. wants to lick, suck, and drink from the Goddess (cunt / pussy), of which your eyes behold. Mmmmm sweet Goddess (cunt / pussy).  How did you ever find yourself here;  to be so privileged…..

Once you drink my honey nectar at my Temple, you will never be the same.

2 Versions Included:

Cunt Version:  So many of you have asked for me to use the word "cunt".  Well, here it is boys!  This version also contains financial domination commands at the end.  Nothing  specific is indicated, but you can assume a cum tax, tribute, or similar.
Pussy Version:  Some of you are "cunt" squeamish.  This version is for you, my sweet boys.  I've also removed the financial domination commands at the end and replaced it with "service commands".


Induction - Using some "Deep", "Down" verbiage
10-1 Countdown
Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
Fantasy style hypnosis
Uses some religious terminology
Audio Porn;  Simulated Orgasm
Cum Command:  Yes - through post hypnotic JOI
2 Versions:  Cunt version has financial domination commands;  Pussy version has service related commands. 
40 Minutes

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