Becoming... Raven

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 30 minutes

Alternate ending series

Becoming Raven is a new personality… it’s a lifestyle… it’s a sexual kink!

I know you’ve been craving to be brainwashed into becoming a new persona, but this sissy hypno session is so much more than that. You will become Raven

Raven is dark, sexy, and mysterious.

She has an interest in pagan rituals, incense, crystals, meditation, and all things mystical. Some think Raven is a witch, but she’ll ever tell.

She loves black for her clothing, backup, and lingerie, but rarely wears panties. She also has a sexy hotwife kink, and she often finds herself indulging in MMF cuckolding and hotwifing erotica and porn.

This feminization hypnosis session brainwashes you into becoming Raven, and you will do so for 5 days.

You will be given 5 days worth of assignments to keep you on track. Make sure you start your assignments on the first day of Becoming Raven! These assignments will challenge, tease, and pleasure you while living as Raven.

This is an alternate ending file, which means that the induction is exactly the same as the other Becoming… sessions. When you download this title, you will receive a pdf with a coupon code for 40% Off your next purchase of any additional Becoming… title. Please read the coupon pdf carefully.

This title is NOT available for personalization.

Includes 5 Days of Assignments (pdf)
Alternate ending – Induction is the same in all Becoming sessions
Secondary whisper throughout the session
Brainwashing portion contains multi layered voice and left/right voice tracks
Delta brainwave technology
Count Up at the end: Yes
Humiliation: No
Mistress Amethyst worship: No
Themes: sissification; feminization, brainwashing, assingments, Femdom hypnosis

Categories: Feminization, Sissy, Alternate Endings Series, FemDom Hypnosis
Tags: alternate ending, becoming, brainwash, Brainwashing, Charly, feminization, sissification, Sissy, sissy hypno

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