Smoking Bandit

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 38 minutes

The smoke coming from sexy women in a dark ally has you just about knocked out.  What happens next, is highly erotic!  Smoking Fetish,  Financial Domination, Penis Enlargement, and Memory Loss.

You’ll find yourself walking down a cobblestone alleyway towards the parking garage where you left your car. As you pass each doorway, a striking woman will be blowing the smoke from her sweetly scented cigarette in your direction as you pass by. Adventure ensues when you reach the final woman in the doorway – a dominant woman with 2 of her minions. They will drag you inside, strap you to an X-Frame, and blow smoke in your face, which will have a variety of effects on you: Financial Domination, Penis Enlargement, and Memory Loss.

Features: Deep brainwave technology, sections with bilateral & echo voice effects, fantasy of findom (but not findom programming – there is mention of “200 a week”, but this is part of the fantasy – not financial domination programming for real life) with a touch of BDSM and guided relaxation and hypnotic programming from Amethyst

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