Ultimate Brain Drain

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 61 minutes

Drain Your Brain Into Blissful Nothingness

Have you ever experienced that sensation when you are so deep in trance that become free from thoughts? If you have, no wonder you’re here looking at this title.

Being in a mindless state like that, is pure heaven, and causes you to crave the experience again and again.

This is the Ultimate Brain Drain. Slide into this dreamy 61 Minute MP3, which will leave you mindless, hazy, floating in a state of amnesia, where you will awaken craving more.

I will guide you, nice and slow, down into a very deep state of trance, followed by soft whispers, helping you to empty your mind completely. You’ll hear whispers on the left, right, and some that gentle rotate from side to side, but I have a feeling, you won’t even notice, nor have any clear idea of what I’m saying. I predict that you’ll be lost in the beautiful purple haze of sound.


Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
Long soft induction followed by about 40 minutes of layered whisper tracks
Themes: Brain drain, mindlessness, amnesia
Tone: Soft and whispery
Delta brainwave technology
Count Up at the end: No
Humiliation: No
61 Minutes

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