Amethyst Ring, Part 1

by Mistress Amethyst
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Length: 41 minutes

Erotic hypnosis fantasy: Mistress Amethyst is going to slip a very rare & magical cock ring onto your shaft. Orgasm control & enormous erections follow

Dive into a new world of ownership, courtesy of Mistress Amethyst. She is going to slip this very rare and special cock ring onto your shaft, which is made of pure mystical Amethyst.

It’s also been crafted by a Voodoo priestess and dipped into the Nectar of Venus. It will have a quite an effect on you. It will cause your cock to become erect with a pulsing, pounding throb, just like a powerful drumbeat. It will magnify the size of that engorged cock, and it will make it impossible for you to orgasm without Mistress Amethyst’s permission. That’s right, that cock will truly become enslaved to Mistress Amethyst.

Part 1 also consists of a special vow that you will make to Mistress Amethyst, the installation of the cock ring at the base of your shaft, and hypnotic programming on how the cock ring will work. This recording is a must before you proceed onto the next series of Amethyst Ring.

In Ring Of Fire 1, I will install the chastity cock ring, which will prevent you from reaching orgasm. I recommend waiting at least 2 weeks before moving on to Ring Of Fire 2

In Ring Of Fire 2, I will give you a little bit of erotic release, but back in chastity you go!! Try to go as long as you can before moving on to Ring Of Fire 3.

In Ring Of Fire 3, I will remove the chastity ring, but there’s a twist!! You are going to crave and miss the ring each and every time you orgasm. Soon, you’ll find yourself running back to Ring Of Fire 1 to start the entire process all over again. Yum!

Secondary ASMR/Whisper Track: Yes
Delta Brainwaves: Yes
Gender Specific: Yes.
Triggers Used: Deep, Down, Feed The Fire, Lust
Finger Snaps: Only in Ring Of Fire 3
Mistress Amethyst Worship Commands: Yes
Amnesia Suggestions: No
Fractionation: No
Humiliation: No
Cum Command: Yes in Ring Of Fire 2 & 3
Awakening Command: Yes
Suggestions To Buy More From Mistress: No
Themes: Chastity, Orgasm Control, Femdom
Release Date: 03/12/19

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