Charm School

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Aug 2019

Your cock drips and drools from waking to rest, set to high-alert by yours truly. Like a homing device it senses sex in the air, responds to my programming running in the background. But as exqusitely sensitive and painfully edged as your swollen cock can't cum.
It won't. Not until I say; *if* I say. I don't need a flute to charm what's between your legs. All I need is my skills and my voice to train your member into perfect submission. Standing ever at attention, hardening at my command, and ejaculating ONLY when I say. Spontaneous, glorious, mind-blowing release when I trigger you to ecstasy.
Let your mind bow in submission and your cock rise in respect of my inimitable power. This is the first of many sessions on your new path to bespoke premature ejaculation; PE at only my command.

Chastity, Mesmerize
#Edging Games, #Mental Chastity, #Mental Domination, #Mesmerize

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Published Aug 17, 2019

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