Genesis: Sensitivity-Enhancing R.E.M. Loop

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Sep 2018

Relax and rewind to a time when your dick was hyper-responsive and everything was new. Over-exposure porn and excessive masturbation can fry your brain and compromise your sexual sensitivity, but regression via compound-suggestion could help.
Studies show that trance has a marked affect on nerve function, including but certainly not limited to pain relief. Since the area of the brain associated with pain relief is the same one responsible for pleasure, trance may be a feasible way to restore the same pleasure response you used to get from sex, porn and masturbation.
This loop is backed by binaural beats alone, letting the suggestions sink into your psyche with no inhibitions. Volume is kept purposefully low so you can safely listen just before sleep. Rediscover your most sensitive sexual self tonight.

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
#Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

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Published Sep 10, 2018

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