Of Milk and Honey

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Nov 2017

Of Milk and Honey: Intermediate Cum Eating Instruction (CEI)

You excelled at part one of this series, "Of Salt and Sea: Beginner Cum Eating Instruction (CEI)"and now you're ready for the next step. Join me on a tasty journey of sweet, sticky sin that will find your cock leaking and your mouth watering.
With authoritative seduction, I strip you of your inhibitions to reprogram your addicted mind for maximum cum ingestion. You want it, crave it, and I'll make sure cum-eating is encoded in your sexual DNA forever. You won't miss a drop, from now on, and I will cause you to perceive your seminal taste as more delicious than ever.
Where will this new training lead you? Being triggered to come again the moment you taste your own cream? Delighting your lover with post-coital clean-up? Being driven to sample the taste of another man? Who knows? Such are the mysteries of your brain's secret cum-eating switch. Such are the delights of the land of milk and honey.

Cum Eating Instructions, Mesmerize
#Cum Eating Instructions, #Mesmerize

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Published Nov 17, 2017

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