Enter the Deep

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 44:19

Prepare to enter the deepest hypnotic trance you have ever experienced love. In this extreme hypnosis session, you will experience an easy entry into trance by just listening to my sensual voice. You will fall without effort or care and after several perfectly prepared deepeners, I will allow you to Enter the Deep, a very deep trance state inside an already deep trance state and you find it by simply listening to my voice.. I will place my vortex beneath you and as it opens it will draw you down, draw you in, sending you into deeper and deeper levels of trance and eventually into the deepest most extreme trance you have ever experienced.

This session features:

Electronic Mp3 download
Multilayered tracks of voice and whispers
Extremely deep trance training
Erotic sexy suggestions
Wellbeing suggestions
Background music
Brainwave technology
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 44:19

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