Mistress Carol's Robot Upgrade

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 30:41

Beware if you dare. This wonderful session returns you to me for an upgrade of your software and programming Robot. I will be using several triggers from MY, Robot including the "Rigid" trigger, plus implanting a delicious new trigger into you for my use. I use fractionation, open-eyed trancing, mantra verbalization and have you stand next to your bed while hypnotized to complete tasks for me. NO BLINDFOLDS and you will need wireless headphones or a long cord to your MP3 player to allow my voice to stay with you as follow my instructions. This is very sexy robot hypnosis and I want you naked while you listen to it.

Session Includes:
Open-Eyed Trance
Mantra Repeating
Movement While Hypnotized
Hypnotic Trigger Word Usage
New Hypnotic Trigger Word Installation
Background Music and Vocals
Brainwave Entrainment

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