The Potion

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 32 minutes

This sexy creative session by Mistress Carol is the follow-on session to Black Leather Gloves. A progressive relaxation induction combined with relaxing deepener using my gloves will have you under my influence and deeply hypnotized. Here, I make you drink The Potion I made from the cum I took from you in the Black Leather Gloves session. My potion creates intense arousal inside of you with massive effects to the outside of you, leaving you aching and wanting. But don't fear, you are left with a post hypnotic suggestion that will ensure I always have more come to make you more potion. Listening to Black Leather Gloves is not mandatory, but is highly suggested.

Session Includes:

Relaxation and Deepening Instructions
Intense Arousal Suggestions
Post Hypnotic Suggestion to Masturbate
Background Music and Vocals
Brainwave Entrainment

PERSONAL NOTE (only visible to you)
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