The Comet Song

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 34:18

Recently, a listener sent me an mp3 of a comet and the uniquely hypnotic sound it makes winding its way through space. This file inspired me and I have created this session to affect you with its mesmerizing sound. This session is designed for very deep trance and includes a fantasy where you join me floating and traveling to where the comet lives. You, held carefully in my hand and protected by our surrounding bubble, float beyond the earth and deeply into hypnosis. The higher you float, the deeper you fall. This session will drive you deeper for Mistress Carol while listening and in future sessions. As I said, this session is designed for very deep trance. Be sure to leave a little time after listening to return to your senses. This session is suitable for all genders.

Themes: Floating, space travel, obedience, deep trance, entranced by sound, pleasure, feeling good upon awakening.
Effects: Background music, background vocals, brainwave entrainment, Comet's song.
This session is 34:18 long and 62.8 MB.

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