Masturbation Fractionation

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 45:19

This session is in a league by itself. In Masturbation Fractionation I take you deep into hypnosis and program you with a trigger phrase then I take you in and out of hypnosis and you simply fall deeper and become more aroused each time I do. You think I let you come for me because you deserve it? No, it's all about my control of you and you will find out just how controlling I can be.

This session features:

Electronic MP3 download
Relaxing induction and deepener
Domination/control of you
Hypnotic trigger word usage: Hook Line and Sinker
Hypnotic trigger phrase usage
Contains profanity
No wake command
Background music and vocals
Brainwave entrainment
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 45:19

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