Just Breathe in 3D

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 56:15

In this nearly hour-long deep trance session, you will find yourself drifting into trance slowly and gently as you Just Breathe, your mind fading away as your will and control are skillfully removed by Mistress Carol. This session is all about deep trance and when Mistress Carol takes you to the deepest hypnotic level you think you've ever experienced, she takes you deeper showing you how easy it is to fall into her hypnotic control then showing you just how deeply hypnotized you can become. Have some time set aside after you listen to this session. You may be out of commission for awhile. The entire session is voice recorded using a 3D microphone and it sounds just like Mistress Carol is hypnotizing you live.

This session features:

Digital MP3 download
Conversational induction
Use of trigger words
Countdown deepeners
Extremely deep trance training
Love and addiction
Well being/feel good suggestions
Post hypnotic suggestions
Drum beats
Background vocals and music
Brainwave entrainment
Recording studio production quality
Wake command at end
Session length is 56:15
This session is not available for personalization

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