Fit for Mistress

by Mistress Carol
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Length: 48:20

Mistress Carol will use her hypnotic control to help you to make a few changes in your habits. After a relaxing induction and a sexy elevator deepener, Mistress Carol will fill your mind with her layers of sublime control dominantly programming you to exercise more, eat better and lose weight. She will plant sexy imagery within your mind that will make these changes easy and only available to you during this session or during exercise. Sexy images always make exercise easier. This session is suitable for anyone wanting to exercise more, get fit, eat better and experience weight reduction through their submission and obedience to Mistress Carol. An extended version is available at no extra charge for those who purchase this session and would like to listen during sleep. Contact Mistress Carol at [email protected] and she'll send you a link to download this extended version.

This session features:

Electronic Mp3 download
Relaxing induction
Sexy elevator deepener
Programming for fitness and weight reduction
Sexy imagery during exercise
Explicit language
Slave reference
An extended version is available
Layered voice tracks
Background music
Brainwave entrainment
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 48:20

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