by Mistress Carol
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Length: 40:48

In this sexy and effective session Wicked I will slowly and gently take you into a soft relaxing trance reeling in your control as I do and opening your mind for my use. I'm going to plant a new hypnotic trigger word inside of you love, one that will eliminate your control and launch your libido like a skyrocket each and every time you listen to this session. I love how you absorb my words and become filled with unbridled arousal just listening to my sensual voice. You know you can't resist.

This session features:
Electronic MP3 download
Relaxing induction and deepener
Deep trance
Control removal
Hypnotic trigger word placement
Extreme arousal with trigger word
Post hypnotic masturbation from trigger word
Expired time limit reactivated with each listen
Background music and vocals
Brainwave technology
Recording studio production quality

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