by Mistress Carol
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Release: Aug 2019
Length: 60:03

This hour-long deep hypnosis session will take you to the deepest levels of hypnosis you have ever experienced. Mistress Carol will train your mind to find this space easily and each time you listen to this session you drop deeper for her. The reaction inside your mind when you wake again will be extreme so be sure to leave plenty of time to recover as this session will kick your hypnotic ass. Yes, holy f*ck will be your response when you wake from this superb mind f*ck. Absolutely nobody f*cks your mind like Mistress Carol; a deep trance masterpiece from expert hypnotist Mistress Carol and a must have session for your erotic hypnosis library.

This session features:
Electronic Mp3 download
Conversational induction
Strong submission and obedience suggestions
Very deep trance
Feel good suggestions
Not overtly sexual but very, very sexy
Loss of awareness
Use of trigger words
Contains profanity
Contains wake command
Light background vocals
Background music
Delta brainwave entrainment
Recording studio production quality

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