Show and Tell for Mistress Carol

by Mistress Carol
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Release: Aug 2019
Length: 36:22

The session you've been waiting for. In Show and Tell for Mistress Carol, you will be hypnotized deeply and made to repeat mantras while doing physical tasks for her. You will Show and Tell your Mistress with physical action and spoken mantras. Then she will drop you even deeper planting an arousal suggestion in your mind that you won't even remember whenever it is you wake.

Wireless headphones are ideal for this session but physical headphones with a long cord, or listening to the session through speakers are an option. Make sure there is nothing next to your chair or bed you could trip over.

This session features:
Electronic Mp3 download
Relaxing induction and deepener
Voice layering
Open-eyed trance
Physical movement
Spoken mantras
Being naked/stroking
Arousal suggestions
Post hypnotic amnesia
No wake command
Background vocals and music
Brainwave entrainment
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 36:22

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